Jaime Recinos

Jaime Recinos Owner / Operator

Jaime Recinos is the owner/operator of Western Belize Auto Rental, and Western Belize Adventure Tours.

We are a company built on providing affordable and reliable vehicles to our customers. Our main purpose is to make sure that every client’s adventure in our Jewel of Belize is met with great expectation and excellent car-rental service.

We make sure our clients have reliable, well-maintained vehicles, with which to travel and explore the countryside of Belize in freedom and assurance. Whether you are here for fun, work, or personal leisure time with family or that special someone, we are here to make sure you have an excellent vehicle to make it possible.

Western Belize Auto Rental is a family-owned and run business. The owner / proprietor, Jaime Recinos, is always on-call and available to meet and work with you at any time, including 24/7 help and support.